Specifying Endpoints to consume WCF services in Windows store Apps in VB.net, using Visual Studio Express 2013 for windows.


  • How do I define Endpoints Addresses, Bindings, and Contracts to consume WCF services in runtime in windows 8.1 store apps using VB.net.
    Of course in design time, I am able to consume the WCF service methods from my localhost design webserver, but of course when my windows store app is deployed, it will not be able anymore to consume the WCF service methods from my local machine, so I need to be able to specify Endpoints (Address, Bindings, and Contracts) to specify my operational webserver.

    So my question is, how and where in Vb.net (Configuration file or Code) can I specify Endpoints for my windows store app?

     Thank you in advance for your reply  
    Friday, April 25, 2014 8:04 PM


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