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  • Hi All,

    Music Player in WEC7 in my case is giving exception As :-

    PID:04AE005A TID:040D005A Exception 'Prefetch Abort' (0x3): Thread-Id=040d005a(pth=c0495000), Proc-Id=04ae005a(pprc=c048f000) 'mplayer.exe', VM-active=04ae005a(pprc=c048f000) 'mplayer.exe'
    PID:04AE005A TID:040D005A PC=00000000(???+0x00000000) RA=00063a24(mplayer.exe+0x00053a24) SP=000bfba0, BVA=00000000

    My Audio driver is playing the .wav file correctly using PlaySound(), but whenever i try to open Music Player is is giving exception and not running.


    In the Catlog i have selected the subsiquent modules as:-

    Audio compression manager

         GSM Codec

         MSFilter Codec

    waveform audio

    Media (All Codecs and renderers)

    Windows media player application

    Windows media player OCX

    Windows Media technology

    WMA and mp3 playback

    WMA and mp3 streeming


    Can you share your experience/knowledge/thoughts ?





    Senior Design Engineer T.E.S Electronic Solutions (Bangalore-India)
    Monday, October 10, 2011 1:03 PM