I have been really messed up and defrauded by your employee. I have the email proof through this site, besides witness's. RRS feed

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  • I have a record of my email and post regarding my problems with Internet Explorer 11, with my Windows 7, not working and connecting to other sites not nearly working as well as Int. Explorer 10. I was just told by support since I didn't have a case number, I had no proof. My email account in Microsoft is the same as with Verizon. So, I have proof on this site. Now, after I posted my complaint reg. Int. 11 not working nearly as well with my Windows 7. An employee from Microsoft took control of my computer for the 2nd time without notice. I was SO VERY clear about wanting to go back from Int.Ex. 11 to Int.Ex.10. An employee actually restored by computer without me asking from 10 back to 11, after I had some issues with hackers. As stated in my emails to you, Int. Exp. 11 never seemed to be very compatible in working with the add-ons and communicating to other sites. The guy who took over my laptop without permission, I thought was helping, ignored everything I asked for. I worked through the night and for about 10 hours with him. I had to make 16 backup/restore disks, per him doing all the actions through Homegroup. I didn't even know u could take over my computer controls without permission. He made changes after changes, while I mostly kept my hands off the keys throughout the night and the day yest. I was just putting in disk after disk when it would pop out and he had the notice keep popping up, when he wanted me to change disks. I have not slept or ate for two days, cuz I kept working through hardcore stress. I didn't even follow what changes he was making cuz it was going to fast with things popping up everywhere. I would just have to ender Adminstrator ID and enter a few items. I did not make an alteration, cuz I did not want to mess it up. He completely ignored my email/post about consistently wanting to go from Int. Exp. 11 back to 10. I was so ill and tired, that I could barely keep up. After working with him, by just inserting disks mostly, I sent an email at the end to Microsoft saying that I don't think his repairs would work. This due to many issues, but mainly still not getting the add-ons for my different drivers. I had Google Chrome, Bing and the Int. Exp. 11 I wanted reversed, cuz he still could not get all the add-ons to work, with red checks over them and saying disabled, as long with other issues. I just kept having to put in my Adminstrator  passwords and he used my guest access as well, which I never use. I was so frustrated. NOT NEARLY AS UPSET AS A FEW-FIVE HOURS AGO, when I found it was worse than ever and the main thing I complained about and asked for, Int. 11 going back to 10, did not happen at all. There was just Int. Exp. 11 and he even took off my Google Chrome. I had no idea that my computer could also look different with different users. Icons being larger and in different places. It upset me horribly because I am ill cuz the stress I have been under and have not even ate since this began. I have proof via emails and also spent 10 hours following his lead. I had no idea, when I turned my laptop back on, it was NOT ONLY NOT WORKING CORRECTLY, BUT HE KEPT Int. Exp. 11 and never made the change. There were so many pages up, I could not see what he was doing. It took me 16 disks to just copy all the stuff in the drive. I also used tried to use the small cards, when the disks went way too fast. Now, my laptop is worse than even, with things saved all over my files, where I have no idea of what is what. He typed in the names to these backup files and I was too sick to keep up at all. I was so exhausted and sick at the end, I was just glad he was done. Like I said, I sent an email while he was still working on the issues, to you saying that it does not look good at all and would probably not work. He closed the approx. 20 windows that were open quickly, when the last disk backed up all the changes. I was feeling so horrible, I  had to just shut the laptop off and pray. Then, after resting for hours, I turn it on to find NO Int. Exp. 10 and still Int. Exp. 10. Many of the add-ons issues and a bunch of other things were worse than even. I called in for help, he was pretty rude, cuz I was/am exhausted, sick & upset. My laptop is arranged differently and also does not function correctly. I could have just uninstalled 11 and installed 10, like I asked about in my email. My files even said Int. Exp. 11 going to Int. Exp. 10. He ignored me and also left my computer way worse in other ways, with software uninstalled and items rearranged.  The guy who I spoke to a little while ago said I had no proof I even worked with him. Not only do I have records of what was sent, I had people swing by and they saw what was going on. I was complaining to them how exhausted/sick I felt for being up so long w/o food, while feeling helpless. The guy I just spoke with gave me case #1278021415. My email sent you guys while he still controlled my computer is through Microsoft. So, I am certainly not some crazy guy. I actually have been able to fix issues by hackers, etc., worse than this before. Now, my computer is way jacked, I need to work in a bit, and am so sick over this. Plus, I will probably have to hire someone to reverse all this horrible damage done. I cant believe even the computer looked different under my Admin. name & guest name. So many issues that I did not have and he did not even listen to what I wanted to change. I could have swithed 11 to 10, but I wanted to know the effect it would have on Windows 7 and docs, if any? I believe he worked on it so long, cuz he felt bad for going into my laptop the day before, without any notice, and restoring my computer back from Int. Exp. 10 back to 11. He was trying to help, but I did not even ask for any at that time. Now, my computer is jacked, I don't really trust all the backups disk/files, cuz so many. I could tell he knew what was saved where though. He did it all. I just was assisting, watching and trying to keep up with copying the info and putting in disks. Now, I am stuck with a messed up laptop and your tech wanted money from me, after your guy messed up my laptop bad, crazy things changed in 2 different settings/names and I have been not able to eat or sleep now for two days cuz of this. Then, your guy questioned if I was telling the truth. I have lots of property and am successful. I just didn't feel I should pay a company for unauthorizingly changing and breaking my stuff, while making me stressed and ill. I have 2-3 techs that handle issues, if I don't feel like dealing with them, but I actually know what to do on computers pretty well when not sick and rushed. I am no tech, but certainly no idiot. Its not hard to see things were not going well with red warnings all over the place and saying add-ons were disabled with big red marks over them. I am sure your tech knew, that is why he closed it so fast. Why did he not even try to change what I asked in my email?? He completely ignored me and now I am ill and have a laptop way worse. Suppose to do some work in a bit, but I am so exhausted, hungry and back issues from all this typing leaning over (had X-rays a few weeks ago). I don't know what to do at this point off exhaustion and also being questioned if I was making it up or something. I have witnesses and the email. My headed on email that I sent through Microsoft is I want to go from Int. Exp. 11 to Int. Expl. 10, cuz the add-ons don't work as well and I get booted way more easily, or cant even reach other sites. I know it can be restored again, but it had issues before that I spend time and money fixing. I feel take advantage off and now blackmailed cuz your employee insisted that I pay for him just looking at the mess, your other employee created. Just makes me more sick. I could trust Int. Exp. 11 to work and now I feel no trust and much deception by your company. I will probably be sick for days and I know my back is out again and I am cramping cuz no food and ALL stress. I had an employee over watching me deal with all this happening, not friends, etc..  I saw he was using Homegroup and took down a few things. I knew it wasn't going well, but was in no shape to argue. Are you guys doing to do anything about this, or put the blame on me for trusting your employees. I just asked a couple questions and complained. I never said anything about hacking into my computer and messing my life up. This just is not right at all. A laptop is a pretty cheap fix for me, but I did just pay a guy over $200 to get things working well again cuz of hackers utilizing all the negative aspects about going onto some sites. I cant believe this happened. I cant believe this came from a large company, which I thought I could trust. Again, I have the email I sent while he was stick backing up the changes. It took hours, literally for all those darn disks. What will you guys do about this, cuz I am too sick to do anything for a bit. I was in the hospital just a couple weeks ago, cuz of stress and issues of this sort. Its so wrong!!  I want to give my info on here, but I am sure you will have it. The guy even said I didn't need to put my email address, I believe, or was it name, but I put it on my email sent anyway. I never lie!!  I look forward to your response, C. York   Also, the email address I use is for Verizon and I would prefer if u just sent it there or both places. I don't even want to look at this thing for a while, but my anxiety over this will probably force me to. I wish I could put in a phone number. Maybe I can somewhere, cuz I would like to know what you are thinking about all this. I know I got wronged, but I wish I knew who exactly. Like in my 2 email, while he was working, I saw "Hagan", I believe in response to a first post. I responded and asked question after reading it. I noticed when I went to post in public a bit ago, that I had never done that before. Just sent email direct, especially the 2nd, in which I have confirmation from your company. Again, last guy gave me case #1278021415. I thought I could trust your employee, so I did not get a bunch of info from him. I hope u know who was working on it, since he was when I emailed you. If you don't get my info somehow, please email me here, so we can communicate. I might post this a few places or keep it to post. I am so upset and shocked. Thank you!  C. York  
    Thursday, January 29, 2015 4:02 PM