[ WCF RIA / Silverlight] Databinding on Foreign Keys RRS feed

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  • Hey!

    I have a problem. I have EF Entities set up like this: http://bitoholics.net/users/lukas/schema.png

    Now, I have a ChildWindow that displays the Companies Information - and among other things a DataGrid with all Memos of that company. I set up the query in the service, so that the Memos are included ([Include] Attribute on the Foreign key in the Metadata and the Include method on the query). The problem now is though, that in the Memo-DataGrid, I need information about the User2 (author of the memo), namely, its username. How can I include this information into that query? I need this info so I can databind the Company.CompanyMemoes EntityCollection to the Datagrid.

    Hope you guys can help!

    Cheers, sepsys

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011 7:29 PM