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  • Overview: CSP Direct partners or CSP Indirect Providers are required to setup Cloudyn. They can grant access to Cloudyn ACM for their CSP Indirect Resellers, who can then grant access to Cloudyn for their customers.

    The Partner Center API is only accessible to Direct Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and would require the Direct CSP provider to configure access for their Indirect CSP customers or partners.

    To enable access for Indirect CSP customers or partners, follow the steps outlined in the CSP registration to setup a trial.

    Once this is done, complete the following steps to segment the Indirect data using Cloudyn Entity groups, then assign the appropriate user permissions to the Entities groups.  

    1. To create an Entity group follow the steps outlined in Create Entities
    2. Once the Entity group is created, follow the steps outlined in the video here: Assigning subscriptions to Cost Entities to associate the Indirect CSP customer’s account and their Azure subscriptions to the previously created Entity
    3. Finally, follow the steps outlined here: Create a user with admin access creating user accounts with Admin access to the Entity that was previous created for the Indirect account.

    The Indirect CSP partners should now be able to login to the Cloudyn portal, with the user accounts that were provisioned for them, and view their data. 

    Note: Cloudyn can be setup by "CSP Indirect Providers" and "Direct CSPs" (both of which have access to the API key section in the Partner Center Portal, while "resellers of a CSP"/"Tier 2 CSPs" do not.)

    Sunday, October 15, 2017 1:16 PM

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  • Hi Sharon

    I can't finish CSP registration step because we have already resisted as EA. So when I click [Go to Cost Management], the Cloudyn registration page will not come out. So what can id do to finish the CSP registration?


    Wednesday, December 6, 2017 4:58 AM
  • Hi, I do have the same issue, I've already connected the EA Entity and I'm able to see the costs, but afterwards I was trying to add the CSP in a separate entity, I cannot see the costs, although I can sy the customers subscriptions.

    I only can filter for the EA's properties (e.g. EA Department Name or Cost Center) while creating a new cost allocation model. In addition there are no services listed in the "uncategorized resources" tab of the cost allocation model wizard.

    Can you please help me further?


    Tuesday, January 23, 2018 8:47 PM