Add Bing Maps SDK for Windows Store to SVN repository


  • Hi everyone,

    I installed the Bing Maps Api from the site, which works fine. Now the problem is that we use svn as source control management and our trunk is not buildable because the bing maps api is referenced from my [userfolder]\AppData\Local\Microsoft SDKs\etc. folder.

    I added the folder  to our repo and I tried to reference the sdk with "browse". I selected the winmd file, but at runtime I always get an exception with "Requested Windows Runtime type 'Bing.Maps.Bing_Maps_XamlTypeInfo.XamlMetaDataProvider'", so I guess this is not the way to go. (and btw the refenrece name was also just Bing.Maps and not the usual "Bing Maps for C#, C++ etc..")

    The question is how to get the sdk into svn (and how to reference it) so that everyone in the team can build the solution without installing from vsgallery.

    I use VS2012 and the app is a normal C#+XAML Windows 8 (not 8.1 yet..) app.


    Thursday, September 19, 2013 8:44 AM