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  • I have an Asus EP121 and I have Windows 8 loaded as my primary OS. I used hyper-v to install a Windows 7 guest so that I can use it to connect to my work using all the standard stuff. I was able to successfully test everything today and it works great.

    I have noticed some bugs as to be expected. I also had to uninstall some of the Windows updates today and the system has been very stable.

    Here are some of the issues I have come across:

    1. With Microsoft Office 2010, Onenote has always worked with pinch to zoom. After installing Windows 8, the pinch to zoom will work for about 1 minute and then it will quit working all together.

    2. Sometimes apps in the metro interface will simply not launch. By going into task manager, it's possible to find the culprit and stop it.

    3. Missing drivers for the buttons built into the tablet.

    4. Missing drivers for screen orientation.

    5. No way to close applications. . .ignorant. I would like to use the swipe between applications but, only if I can control the apps that are open. Also, if I have apps on the legacy desktop, they don't get included in the swipe. This causes a disjointed feeling.

    On the positive side:

    Using a keyboard and mouse, metro might actually work better than with touch. I was surprised by this.

    1. If you like the programs list, then instead of clicking start, programs. . .you now pull the mouse to the bottom left hand corner and when the menu pops up, select search. Technically, it's a click less and the programs are sorted alphabetically.

    2. If you pin the apps and group them correctly, then you probably won't be going to the start button too often.

    3. Having IE perform differently if it's launched in the metro interface or of it's launched from the desktop application is kind of messed up, but it could just be because right now, things like flash don't work correctly on the metro interface.


    Monday, September 19, 2011 3:10 AM