People Search: No search results returned for Mobile Phone RRS feed

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  • Hello,


    This has got me stumped - I cannot get a people search to return mobile phone information.  I have several users with data in their profiles for "mobile phone", and have run a number of different searches to try and return mobile phone data, but no luck Sad


    I have used:

    - custom web part performing a search using assemblies (as opposed to the search web service)

    - used the Sharepoint search service tool (


    The search service tool identifies that there is a Mobile Phone field, but selecting it never returns any data.  In face the element is not in the search results (which I understand is correct if there is no data to return).


    My search definitely works ("people" are being return in the results) but no mobile phone data.  There are no errors in the log file about indexing person-data.


    Has anyone got any ideas why this wouldn't work?





    Wednesday, May 28, 2008 1:28 PM


  • Solved - it turns out that the MobilePhone view permissions were set to "My Colleagues" and not "Everyone".  I assume this means the default content access acount isn't part of "My Colleagues" and so did not get indexed.  Changing this worked via:


    1. Open central admin

    2. Change to shared services provier

    3. In "user Profiles and My Sites" select "User profiles and properties"

    4. In "User profile properties" select "View profile properties"

    5. Locate the profile property and "edit"

    6. In "Policy Settings" change "Default Privacy Setting" to "Everyone" (and optionally unselect "User can override")


    You will need to do a full index for the changes to propagate through.







    Friday, May 30, 2008 3:29 AM