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  • I am using bing map in javascript.

    I have a column in sharepoint list named as 'type' and based on that type I am drawing line or region on the map in javascript.

    There is need to clear the map to refresh/reload the map with fresh data everytime.

    So to do this, I am using jquery's empty ($('#div').empty()) method. It does clear the div passed as argument and redraws the map.

    But what happens is when I used the empty method of jquery then I am not able to draw any region or line on the map.
    Means only pushpins are drawn. If I remove the empty method regions and lines are drawn along with pushpin.
    But in that case I see one map below other and it goes on increasing. Means the map image is added one below other with refreshed data.
    So I am using empty method of jquery.
    Can anyone please tell why using empty method region or line are not drawn.

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013 2:53 PM


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