Bing Maps Microsoft.Maps.AutosuggestManager not able to gecode Japanese address with postal code RRS feed

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  • Hi team,

    Thanks in Advance!

    Note: Browser language is set to japan

    We use Bing Maps AutoSuggest JS API to geolocate an address typed by an admin in our application.  We have a customer from japan trying to use this feature by typing this below address, Bing Maps AutoSuggest API could not locate this address

    "3-11-24, 三田, 港区, 東京都 "

    returned from Bing Maps service

    {"_type": "Suggestions", "queryContext": {"originalQuery": "3-11-24, 三田, 港区, 東京都"}, "value": [], "model": "412"}

    Again the javascript call back registered for the AutoSuggest  module does not gets fired, so the application is simply no responsive.

    We tried typing (mostly copying one word at a time) the same address in to bing maps website to see if the AutoSuggestion working there. And it turns out to be the same response. there is not AutoSuggestion result and the JSON payload similar

    {"_type": "Suggestions", "instrumentation": {"pingUrlBase": "https:\/\/\/api\/ping?IG=ED005867F36C41D3877B0A0429F01E7A&CID=3AD5054F0CA360E80D5009010D7361AA&ID=", "pageLoadPingUrl": "https:\/\/\/api\/ping\/pageload?IG=ED005867F36C41D3877B0A0429F01E7A&CID=3AD5054F0CA360E80D5009010D7361AA&Type=Event.CPT&DATA=0"}, "queryContext": {"originalQuery": " 三田, 港区, 東京都"}, "value": [], "model": "412"}

    Note: if we take out postal code, Bing can locate, but the location is not quite precise .

    Thursday, October 4, 2018 1:22 PM

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