Creating a hyperlink button, from images, with rollover effect? RRS feed

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  • Yesterday I set about trying to create a rollover hyperlink button from images (no text, two images - one for normal state and one for mouse over, and when clicked goes to a URL).  I eventially got the control to work, but my solution is a bit invloved and convoluted:

    In Expression Blend 3:
    - Add HyperLinkButton
    - Create a new template for the HyperLinkButton
    - In the new HyperLinkButton template, remove the contentPresenter and FocusVisualElement
    - Add both the normal image and the hover image to the project, then add them to the HyperLinkButton
    - For the normal image, set visibility to collapsed when moused over, and when pressed
    - For the hover image, set visibility to collapsed when normal, and set visibility to visible when moused over, and when pressed

    At this point I have what I want to accomplish working, but I can't help feel that there must (or at least should) be an easier way to accomplish this.  This seems pretty basic and standard.  Any suggestions?



    Monday, November 9, 2009 5:25 PM