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  • Not sure how I missed this a few weeks back, but congrats!


    I know it's not the same thing as all of SF going open-source, but this is a huge first step, and the one that will yield the biggest bang for the buck for most teams. 

    I for one welcome this, and over time I plan on making several contributions once I get approval on my end:

    * The ability to easily specify an Endpoint during ServiceProxy factorying.

    * The ability to hint that a remoting call execute locally, or remotely, if available.

    * Other load balancing options for remoting beyond random selection (RoundRobin, LeastConnections, etc.)

    * The addition of new attribute decorators and tool to generate a COM Intertop thunking layer to expose service remoting to C++ or other languages which can interact with an in-process COM server (PHP, Node.js, etc.)

    * The addition of volatile collections which do not store their state to disk, or use the disk to maintain the transaction log between them (it is all kept in memory). Whether this will be new classes / namespace, or a switchable option on ReliableCollections, remains to be seen. I have to dig into the implementation to decide. ;-)

    Not necessarily in that order, but probably fairly close. :-)

    Anyway, again, congrats! I very much look forward to working with the team.

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  • Where is the best place to actively discuss and plan ideas for pull requests for enhancements like those outlined above (remoting and reliable collections)?


    Issues site? https://github.com/Azure/service-fabric-issues/issues

    Issues tab at the specific repo?  https://github.com/Azure/service-fabric-services-and-actors-dotnet/issues

    Someplace else?

    Thanks in advance!
    Tuesday, April 18, 2017 12:45 PM
  • Yes. Please log the issues directly there. Either works, but more directly is better.


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