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  • hi i have a WPF project that uses sql server 2012 express and localDB,

    this app must implement malty user per PC (a cashier system , 3 shift with 3 employee ) , i was wanddering what is the best stratigy to implemnt multi users, is it

    A: store the user info and credentials and authintication option in a table inside the DB

    B: use SQL server users for login authentication and a table in DB for authentication option

    and if B was the choise , can i add/delete/edit users from C# code using SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)?


    Saturday, January 11, 2014 9:04 PM


  • I would be inclined to use neither if it's a cashier system.

    These are almost 100% dedicated pcs. ( I have worked on such systems ).

    I suggest you record the user's log on.

    Then the client controls who uses the pc by log on and it's their problem if their security is lax.

    Clients and users far prefer a single log on.

    Go with windows.

    If they use the pc for other stuff then give them a mechanism which uses roles.

    They use admin on their pc to add users they want to use your system to a specific role which you can then check.

    All the role and user maintenance is then just standard windows stuff.

    Hope that helps.

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