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  • Hi I hope someone can advise me of a solution to my problem. Just to pre-empt some other mentioned causes for an installation hang - I have a totally updated Windows XP SP2 installation and disabled my copies of NOD32 antivirus and Zonealarm Firewall prior to installation.

    I have installed Visual Studio 2003 (all of it) and at the (I think) very end of the installation it freezes up. The progress bar is at the very end and it appears to be unpacking files from Config.msi. The last line at freeze reads D:\Config.msi\1a343a.rbf  and leaving it for several hours (!I went to bed and left it overnight!) makes no difference! If I end it with task manager and reboot the IDE appears to comeup fine and some rudimentary fiddling seems to work. However I expect that there will be problems later.

    An additional peculiarity is that if I try to place my PC in Hibernation I get an error saying that the device driver for my keyboard is preventing the PC from hibernating and the Driver may need to be updated. I have done this but it makes no difference.This problem disappears if I uninstall Visual Studio 2003, so it may be a clue to the problem.

    One other thing is that I believe I installed .Net 2.0 many months ago as part of a windows update and wonder if that could be causing this problem - does VS 2003 work OK when .NET 2.0 is installed?

    Any help or advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


    Dave Malcolm

    Adelaide, Sth Australia

    Monday, December 4, 2006 3:54 AM


  • .NET 2.0 does not interfere with earlier version of VS, nor does VS2003 care about .NET 2.0 as it is only married and cares about .NET 1.1

    The thing I can suggest is to scan your system for viruses completely and see what happens. Also be sure you have disabled your anti virus software. What happens if you try to install it on a different computer? same result?

    Thursday, December 7, 2006 3:53 PM