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    I am desperate for help in deploying a simple pro  ject to my server.  I have been searching and bumbling for about two weeks and I am about where I started.  The starting point I was provided was a link to the OWIN and KATANA project.  I explored this path and while it seems comprehensive, I found it lacking in solving my problem.  I've programmed for many years but am fairly new to the ASP environment.  I've been able to get by on a server without  formal deployment for some time now, but the owin phenomenon hit me just as I was ready to deploy a significant solution. 

    So, I set about first trying to avoid the issue.  There was a question posted on the tutorial inquiring what might be an alternative to employing OWIN authentication (Windows?).  The answer might interest me but IU could not obtain it readily.  Then I set out to explore where I would add a setting that declares owin automatic startup discovery as "false".  That was another question I could not resolve.  It seems that you need to fully understand how OWIN works in order to disable it.  Anyway I decided to try to follow the steps in the tutorial and became discouraged quickly when things did not proceed smoothly starting at step 2.  I should note that I program in VB whereas this tutorial's example employs c#.  That in itself did not discourage me, nor the fact that the step of adding the startup routine did not go as expected.  It got harder when I plodded on.  There seem to be only two sources to consider: The web.config  file and the startup routine.  I have designed a trivial application for the purpose of learning what OWIN is about.  I'll post as much as I feel would be useful to anyone who will be interested.  This is done for the sake of consolidating my problem not because I expect a complete solution that's ready to deploy.

    The original link is:http://www.asp.net/aspnet/overview/owin-and-katana/owin-startup-class-detection

    I will continue to beat my head against this problem until Iget some relief from anywhere.  In the meanwhile I will post some direct questions as I go.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2016 7:30 PM