Windows Holographic template app not compiling


  • Hello, everyone!

    My setup is:

    - Windows 10 Pro 1511 Build 10586.164

    - Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Update 2

       * UWP Tools 1.3

       * Windows SDK 10.0.10240

    - HoloLens Emulator 10.0.11082.1039 (plus project templates).

    With this setup, I created a new Holographic DirectX 11 App (Universal Windows) project, for both C# and C++.

    In both projects, compilation failed because VS cannot find anything in the Windows.Graphics.Holographic namespace.

    According to , I should already have all I need to create a basic UWP project for HoloLens - the only thing I'm currently missing is Unity, which I (presumably) should not need for the template project.

    Do you guys know what am I doing wrong here? What should I do to be able to compile the sample app in the template project?

    Wednesday, April 6, 2016 5:59 PM


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