Importing master data that has a self join


  • I'm using MDS 2012 and trying to import employee data. Each entity has a domain attribute with their supervisor.

    What import pattern do I need to use? When I try to load everything in one shot, MDS import batches show errors because it can't find supervisor records that don't exist. Do I need to load the employee data in batches from the top of the org structure downward, running each batch first so that supervisors always exist before their reports?

    I happen to be using SSIS to do this, but I'm really interested in knowing how MDS wants to see the data when there is a self join.

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  • Hi,

    1. How many entities are present in you model?
    2. When you say you did use SSIS for importing data, did you follow any entity sequence to import data into staging leaf tables?
    3. If there is a domain based attribute in an entity, MDS expects all the values of that attribute to be already present in the parent entity. 

    It would be helpful if you can provide more details on the way you are trying to import data into MDS.

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  • MDS does not allow you to load data through staging that has invalid domain attributes.  You can always try a two-pass load where you load all employees, setting their supervisor to null, then a second pass to update each employee with the supervisor value.



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