What should we do when storage queues are not responding for several days?


  • Hello.

    We have several cloud services that rely on storage account queues.

    But on May 16th it stopped responding.It was not responding for several days.

    Trying to connect from Visual Studio

    We had to create another storage account and to reconfigure all the services to use the new one. Our services were not working properly for several hours.

    We didn't have any important data in the blobs or tables in that storage. So changing the storage account worked for us.

    But what if this happens with another our storage account with data?
    In this case we would not be able to move the data to new storage.

    May be there are some best practices to avoid such situations when working with Azure Storage?

    Thank you.

    Tuesday, May 24, 2016 10:07 AM

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