How to create a Table in a Store that already contains Blobs RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone!

    In an Azure Store I already have some containers with blobs inside. Now I would like to add a Table to that same Store. The code I use for that is like so:

                Dim MyBlobClient As CloudBlobClient = MyStoreAccount.CreateCloudBlobClient
                Dim MyContainer As CloudBlobContainer = MyBlobClient.GetContainerReference("demoblob")
                Dim MyTableClient As CloudTableClient = MijnStoreAccount.CreateCloudTableClient
                Dim MyTable As CloudTable = MyTableClient.GetTableReference("demotable")

    This is contained within a Try/Catch block and does not result in any errors. But eventhough the Blob container is created, the Table is not.

    Why is that so? Is it impossible to add a Table to a Store when that Store already contains Blobs? What else do I overlook?

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