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  •   I have been thinking for some time about creating a simple 2d game like tetris or pong or even an rpg and so on. One of the biggest thing on my mind is; is there a special form to create where everything will be drawn?

      Of course there is alot of stuff i dont know so I was hopeing someone could let me know what concepts I should know or learn to get me started.

      Another question on my mind is, with an rpg or 2d side scroller, i was wandering if the background image is just one big grafic that the player moves around over top or is the image moveing around under the player? Ill be alittle more spacific and say that im referring to the world map like on Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy1, and The 7th Saga type rpg's.

    Thursday, September 28, 2006 4:31 AM

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  • There are a lot of concepts that are required to be understood to write even the simplest of games.

    1. Basic progamming and program flow - without this, you won't be able to program the most basic of programs.

    2. Program design - laying out a program using pen and paper; specifying what each part of the program is required to do, hw these parts will interact: indeed, what the program is designed to do.

    3. Nuts and bolts of programming: how to draw graphics on the screen.

    4. How to animate graphics (sprite animation) - then do it smoothly. This is how you would move 'characters' over a pre-defined background, and how to scroll the background.

    All of these concepts are worthy of books in and of themselves (there are multiple books on each of these topics - you will have to be competent in all of them to get what you need). However, I've seen a couple of books 'Game Programming for Teens' is one I've read, which covers almost all aspects of game programming (It's not just for teens, though).

    Usually, maps are broken into grids of smaller squares (separate graphics) which are loaded and displayed on demand, but that's not a hard and fast rule. There are advantages and disadvantages to doing so). Have you ever seen the 'loading level' in most modern games? Ever experienced a slight 'slowdown' as you move from one area to the next? :)

    There's a lot of concepts; luckily VB express makes it simple to get a program up and running fairly quickly. To jump right into the graphics portion you will need to look at the GDI+ (Graphical Device Interface) calls which deals with drawing. If you want a more versatile programming 'palatte' you could look at DirectX, however, a good understanding of the standard programming environment is required there (and the ability to follow and converse in other languages such as C# and C++).

    As you progress and have specific issues then please don't hesitate to post a question with what you are trying to achieve (e.g. draw a line on a form), what you have tried (a small bit of code), and any errors you may be getting. Good Luck! 

    Thursday, September 28, 2006 12:57 PM