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  • The following gives an error of "Custom_<guid> does not exist on type PS.DraftProject". Any thoughts? (If I change "Custom_<guid>" to Name, the code successfully updates the project name, so the rest seems to be working)

    var strUrl = "http://server/pwa/_api/ProjectServer/Projects('ProjectGUID')/Draft/includeCustomFields";
      url: strUrl,
      type: "POST",
      contentType: "application/json;odata=verbose",
      data: JSON.stringify(
        '__metadata': {
         'type': 'PS.DraftProject'
      'Custom_<guid>': "Abcd"
     headers: {
     "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
     "X-RequestDigest": strDigest,
     success: function () {
     error: function (err) {

    EDIT: I realized that there is a CSOM function "setCustomFieldValue", so I tried posting to

    "/pwa/_api/ProjectServer/Projects('projectGuid')/Draft/SetCustomFieldValue", but received the following:

    "The method SetCustomFieldValue cannot be invoked as its parameter value is not supported."

    I hope this doesn't mean what it suggests. Is the REST interface not capable of updating custom fields? 

    Mike G.

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