Cant send text messages or call RRS feed

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  • Just updated my phone to the new update that just rolled out that fixes the disapearing keyboard but now i have a new problem. When I try and text message someone my phone would often tell me it couldnt send the text message. Now the time for me to get the message and range from a couple of minuits to almost an hour. Also when someone texts me I can either get the message right away or it can take up to in one case 4 hours ro reach me. Also when I try to call I have a 50% chance of the call not going through. It will tell me its dialing then it would just drop. Or the other 50% of the time it would to 20+ secs for the phone to start calling the person. Another problem is that when someone is calling me it will go straight to voice mail this happens 90% of the time. I have an HTC Trophy. I have tested this out against my phone with my GF's HTC trophy and my house phone. I have also reset my phone and the problem persists. Any word or help with this?
    Friday, February 10, 2012 5:06 PM