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  • I want to ask a couple of clear questions

    1- I have implemented my create certification Algo is it safe to use my self-signed certifications ?

    2- in an MSDN example of SSL

    this code snippet

            private static bool OnCertificateValidation(object sender, X509Certificate certificate, X509Chain chain, SslPolicyErrors sslPolicyErrors)
                // This sample returns true always so that you can see how
                // it works.  You should change logic in the validator to only
                // return true if you've inspected the certificate and approve it.
                return true;

    And as i understand it is used to verify that server certification (making sure that this is the trusted server )

    So how could i use it ?

    Best wishes and i really love to hear from you soon [iam in a hurry] please

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    4 Days and no answer idk why there is no one helps in SSL ?!!

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  • So Would i give up ? i want to validate client certification !
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  • HELP PLEASE!!! Why that ignore !
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  • You'd be better asking in a security/cryptography forum for details on this subject.

    As a network programmer...  I would use the OnCertificateValidation function to check the Thumprint property is as I expect. You'd need to ask the security guys how safe that it; what your requirements are and what attacks are possible.

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