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  • Hi, I have installed two identical computers, one with Windows 8 and one with my embedded image created with ICE.

    I believe i have chosen all the drivers and package for touch to be working but it differs from how normal Windows 8 behaves.

    In W8 there is a marker when the screen is touched, if dragged there is a trail-marking. In WE8S there is no tracking or marking. The touch works but it behaves more like a normal mouse-left button. In W8 the calibration tool works fine and if the screen is rotated (from the screen resolution panel) the touch reference rotates accordingly. In WE8S however the calibration dose not work, the cross stays in the same place after taping it, and if the screen is rotated the touch is till in landscape mode -> right is up, up is left and so on...

    Dose any one know a solution to this problem, is there a way to make the embedded version work as the full W8 version?


    Monday, July 22, 2013 8:28 AM

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  • WE8S supports the following Touch scenarios:

    • Full touch: the full Windows 8 touch experience
    • Legacy touch: the touch experience is similar to the full Windows 8 touch experience.

    Touch vendors can use WTTL (Windows Touch Test Lab) to certify the touch of device meets these certification requirements. When a touch input device compiles with the requirements, it receives a THQA signature in the device firmware to show certification.

    If you want your WE8S devices with a full touch like W8, your touch should pass the THQA certification. If don't, it will be legacy touch.

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    Monday, July 22, 2013 2:00 PM