Document opening taking more than 4 minutes with large styles.xml and content controls with CustomXMLPart bindings RRS feed

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  • I am opening a document which has 70+ rich text content controls and all are bound to CustomXMLParts. The document contains multiple styles which creates the style.xml of size 2+ Mb. This document taking more than 4 minutes to open in word. I have decent hardware configuration i.e. (8 GB RAM, i3 Processor) and Windows 10 - 1809 build. The word version is 16.0.12527.20242. 

    The initial analysis shows that each custom XML part has style.xml copied as style part. This is case even if user just click into content control. Due to this, the expanded (unzipped) of document is bigger. Does word have any setting to avoid coping all the styles into style part except those are used. If I create document with small/OOTB style with 70+ content control, it does get open in reasonable time. 

    I am not sure if this is correct forum to ask this question, if not, please redirect me to correct one.

    Tuesday, March 10, 2020 9:55 AM