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  • Good morning,

    I'm trying to Register my Azure Stack with Azure. I use an Visual Studio Enterprise subscription of which i'm the administrator. When running the 'RegisterWith Azure' script I got prompted for my credentials, the script starts and then fails at "Get-Credential" with the Error: Key not valid for use in the specified state.

    VERBOSE: Using TP3.N release
    VERBOSE: Configure-BridgeIdentity.ps1 : BEGIN on MAS-CON01 as AZURESTACK\AzureStackAdmin
    VERBOSE: Input parameters: {
        "AzureDirectoryTenantId":  "<Mydir>.onmicrosoft.com",
        "ConnectToAzure":  null,
        "AzureEnvironment":  "AzureCloud",
        "AzureCredentialPath":  "C:\\Users\\AZURES~1\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\AzureCreds.xml"
    VERBOSE: Loading cloud definition.
    VERBOSE: Progress file: 'Progress.ConfigureBridgeIdentity.xml'
    VERBOSE: Log file: 'C:\CloudDeployment\Logs\ConfigureBridgeIdentity.2017-05-31.09-41-22.0.log'
    VERBOSE: Invoking action: 'ConfigureBridgeIdentity'
    STARTING: Action 'ConfigureBridgeIdentity'
    VERBOSE: Action: Running action plan 'ConfigureBridgeIdentity'. - 5/31/2017 9:41:22 AM
    STARTING: Step 1 - Create identity application
    VERBOSE: Step: Running step 1 - Create identity application - 5/31/2017 9:41:22 AM
    VERBOSE: Task: Running interface 'ConfigureBridgeIdentity' of role 'Cloud\Fabric\AzureBridge'. Attempt #1.  - 5/31/2017 9:41:22 AM
    WARNING: Task: Interface 'ConfigureBridgeIdentity' is not a supported standard Interface. - 5/31/2017 9:41:22 AM
    STARTING: Task Cloud\Fabric\AzureBridge - ConfigureBridgeIdentity
    VERBOSE: Interface: Path to module: C:\CloudDeployment\Classes\AzureBridge\AzureBridge.psm1 - 5/31/2017 9:41:23 AM
    VERBOSE: Interface: Running interface ConfigureBridgeIdentity (Classes\AzureBridge\AzureBridge.psm1, AzureBridge:ConfigureBridgeIdentity) - 5/31/2017 9:41:23 AM
    VERBOSE: Checking if logged in user is member of domain admins group and can access infrastructure share - 5/31/2017 9:41:28 AM
    VERBOSE: FileShareGroup : MAS-FsAclInfra Cert share path : \\SU1FileServer\SU1_Infrastructure_1\ASResourceProvider\Cert - 5/31/2017 9:41:28 AM
    VERBOSE: Domain Admin check : ok - 5/31/2017 9:41:30 AM
    VERBOSE: Permission to \\SU1FileServer\SU1_Infrastructure_1\ASResourceProvider\Cert check : ok - 5/31/2017 9:41:30 AM
    WARNING: The names of some imported commands from the module 'RoleHelpers' include unapproved verbs that might make them less discoverable. To find the commands with unapproved verbs, run the
     Import-Module command again with the Verbose parameter. For a list of approved verbs, type Get-Verb. - 5/31/2017 9:41:30 AM
    VERBOSE: Runtime parameters are present, will use provided Azure Credentials - 5/31/2017 9:41:31 AM
    Invoke-EceAction : Exception calling "GetCredential" with "1" argument(s): "Key not valid for use in specified state.
    " - 5/31/2017 9:41:31 AM
    At C:\CloudDeployment\Setup\Activation\Bridge\Configure-BridgeIdentity.ps1:51 char:1
    + Invoke-EceAction -RolePath "Cloud\Fabric\AzureBridge" -ActionType "Co ...
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Invoke-EceAction], Exception
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CryptographicException,SetAzureBridgeIdentityConfiguration,CloudEngine.Cmdlets.InvokeCmdlet

    Wednesday, May 31, 2017 7:52 AM


  • It looks like you're running this on the MAS-CON01 VM. It needs to be run from the Hyper-V host server.
    • Marked as answer by Arjan.de.jong Wednesday, May 31, 2017 1:09 PM
    Wednesday, May 31, 2017 8:56 AM