reading jpeg file based on Mirror Effect,Brightness and zoom Level RRS feed

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  • I am working on the gateway Simulator where Simulator will stream image/video to Data center.
    I have JPEG file for 30 min(lot of individual JPEG images).
    Data Center Center can request video/Image with varying value of these parameter.
    Image Option
    1. Mirror Effect (None,Column,Row,Row / Column)
    2. Brightness (Normal,Intense Light,Low Light,MAX)
    3. Zoom Level (1X, 2X, 4X, 8X)
    Capture mode are following 

    Single Snapshot- requests one image from the camera
    Burst Number- NUMBER will gather N (1-65535) number of images from the camera
    Burst Second-option produces a stream of images and will go until a CancelImageRequest command is sent
    Continuous- option produces a stream of images and will go until a CancelImageRequest command is sent
    Round-Robin -, is a mode to allow the user to get a single snapshot from each active and selected sensor
    Schedule Continuous- THis is similar to Continuous except timing.
    Now I need to read JPEG files based above mentioned option and send it to data center.
    1. I wanted to how I can manipulate these Image option while reading the data images.
    2. is there any Win Api which will allow reading JPeg imges on following Image option.
    3. If you have any suggestion please go ahead.
    4. Will BITMAP Class or other mfc api allows these things.

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  • GDI+ and CImage will both allow you to read jpeg images and manipulate them.  I think GDI+ may be better if you are going to do some of the manipulations on them.

    As far as transferring them to/from the data center, you may need to provide more info.  CSocket/CAsyncSocket can get the job done, but there may be better choices (e.g. FTP/HTTP)

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011 1:45 PM