Question about Bing Maps AJAX Control Version 7 Deprecation RRS feed

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  • Sorry everyone - I'm not a very technical user and most may consider my question stupid. . .

    We received communication about Bing Maps AJAX Control Version 7 Deprecation.  I went to the FAQ, and in particular to "Q: How do I know if I am affected by this deprecation?"

    Answer provided is: 

    If you are using the Bing Maps AJAX Control V7 or SOAP Web Services, you will be affected. If you view your usage reports in the Bing Maps portal and see any of the following transactions listed in the usage report:

    • Bing Maps V7 transaction: "AJAXSession"
    • SOAP Service Transactions: "WS:Geocode", "WS:ReverseGeocode", "WS:GetImageryMetadata", "WS:GetMapUri", "WS:CalculateRoute", , "WS:GetImageryMetadata", "WS:CalculateRoutesFromMajorRoads", "WS:Search"

    So I went to usage on the portal and I don't see anything like the above.  All I see in Usage by Category is the API name of RESTLocations.  I see nothing else anywhere. . .

    Can someone please tell me if we're okay or not and/or where to go within the Usage Report to get more info?

    Again, sorry to be a non-technical person on this, but this is all we've got.  Thanks for your help.

    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 8:06 PM