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  • I'm so frustrated with all the restrictions I have on my own computers. Is there anyway to get around them? It's my computer, why can't I do anything I want on my own computer?

    I'm currently traveling and created an offline share on my home development machine and have synced on my laptop.  So, here I am 1000 miles from home and I got to fix a bug in some of my code.  But when I try to save my changes to the shared folder, I get a message saying "File Not Saved" with no other explanation (this particular file was an Excel document).    Then when I went to the offline shared folder on my laptop and simply tried to create a new txt document, I got the following message: 

         "File Access Denied

         "You need permission to perform this action.

         "You require permission from the computer's administrator to make changes to this file."

    Why do I need permission to create a file on my own computer?  Also, I am the administrator and as far as I can tell I've given full access to everyone.  I'm even logged on with the same windows account that I log on with my home computer. 

    Is there some way I can configure all my computers so I never have this problem again?  I thought that if I had administrator access, I could do anything I want.  That's what I want.  I'm the only one who ever uses any of my computers.  Plus I have hardly anything on my computers that I'm worried about someone damaging.  I have a separate personal computer for all that. 

    So, in summary, I want to do anything I want with any of my dev computers without having to jump through all these hoops every time I want to perform a simple function.  Can someone tell me the steps to configure my computers that way?

    Thank you!!

    Thursday, November 23, 2017 11:41 PM