All code in all forms and all modules disappeared ! RRS feed

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  • It has happened to me again. Access 2010. A seldom modified application run from an MDE needed to be modified. So I went to the MDB. I clicked on a mainmenu button and nothing happened. I did a compact and repair and tried again. Again nothing happened. I looked at the code for the button and it was all gone. Nothing there. So I looked at the modules - all code gone, nothing there at all.

    I have no idea how this happened. Luckily I have backups. The first one I looked at had no code in it either. None at all, not anywhere. So I have a backup but am not 100% certain it contains all the latest changes.

    Has anyone any idea how this could happen. It is pretty catastrophic for Microsoft to allow an application to delete all your code but I have seen popup warning messages allowing Ok or Cancel options where one choice will erase all your code.

    Tuesday, July 21, 2015 10:35 PM

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  • Hi,

    My best guess is that it could be caused by using a later version when updating an older database file. Is there any reason why you haven't upgraded the application to the same version as you're using for development?

    Just curious...

    Tuesday, July 21, 2015 11:54 PM