Do you get EWS with "Exchange Online", "Exchange 365" and/or "Office 365"? RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We developed a C# .NET application that uses the visual studio proxy generated classes to talk to Exchange Web Services.

    Would our application be able to work with "Exchange Online?"  How about working with "Office 365"?  And what about "Exchange 365"?

    I don't understand the differences between "Exchange Online" vs "Exchange 365" vs "Office 365".

    I did find this link which makes it sound like you can use the EWS Managed API with "Exchange Online"


    However since our application uses the proxy generated classes, would it still be able to work with Exchange Online?



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  • > "Exchange Online" vs "Exchange 365" vs "Office 365".

     The names are mostly marketing purposes Office 365 is a suite of different products eg Lync Online, Sharepoint Online, Exchange Online, Office online. So if you hear Exchange Online and Office365 basically Exchange Online is one part of the Office365 suite (which can be purchased separately).

      Essentially this is all Microsoft hosted email solution from a historical perspective before Office365 there was BPOS which was a hosted Exchange 2007 solution and most of these customers would be in process of migrating to Office365. Exchange Online (Office365) as it stands now is a hosted Exchange 2010 server solution.

     EWS is available on both BPOS and (Office365) Exchange Online for "proxy generated classes" there is no difference and your code will work fine. If you generated your proxies against a Exchange 2007 you might want to update the proxy classes so you can take advantage of the Exchange 2010 feature offered by Exchange Online.

      The only thing i would be careful of is if your using Proxy classes is make sure you initialize the cookie container on the ExchangeServiceBinding object else you will get 401 errors.

    eg ExchangeServiceBinding.CookieContainer = new CookieContainer();

      Depending how complicated your app is you might want to look at using EWS Managed API as easier way to develop code in the future.


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