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  • I need to add a subscript and superscript to an expression (Word 2003)




    Rich P

    the subscript here -- 'x+1' -- is one column past the superscript -- '*' --.  Is it possible to scoot the 'x+1' subscript so that it is in the same column as the superscript '*' ?  How to do this if it is possible?  Or would this be possible in word 2007?  How to do?





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  • Hi Rich

    What you want to do should be possible using field codes. There's are two switches for the EQ field that will raise/lower characters, and a couple of other switches that can move them left/right in order to achieve the result you describe. I played with it extensively a few years ago and it can be a lot of work, figuring out the exact settings, and they'll probably differ for each pair of characters (due to the different widths).

    Word 2003 does have an Equation Editor and it would certainly be possible with that. But the object that's generated might not fit into the text flow very well. If these are equations that should stand alone on a line it should be OK.

    Word 2007 does, indeed, introduce a new and very powerful tool for creating equations (and it's also in 2010). If you're open to upgrading, I'd recommend going to version 2010, not 2007.

    For more assistance, the better place to ask would be on Answers, as up to this point the question is really in the end-user spectrum. Although code might be involved if you decided you liked the field code route and needed to automate it in some manner. But the folks who can help you with the details of building such a field code would be here:

    Cindy Meister, VSTO/Word MVP
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