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    Could anybody provide advice regarding the transactional limitations of using OLEDB with an Access database, and specifically in my case, using a data access layer of strongly-typed datatables, generated using Visual Studio 2005's DataSet Designer.

    I imagine the potential is quite limited, but I wondered if there were yet any developments that might allow some basic sort of transactions to be performed. As far as I can gather from my research so far, there could be two main approaches:

    1. Writing a class to insert into the inheritance hierarchy, that inherits from Component, and which the table adapters can then be set to inherit from instead of inheriting directly from Component. The new class would then provide the methods to support table adapters sharing the same transaction.

    2. Adding partial classes to each table adapter individually to provide methods to support transactions.

    I've seen posted examples that address the issue when using SqlConnection objects, but wondered if anyone knew of any existing resources that might shed some light on this issue  when using OleDB connections. Does anyone know if any class libraries to provide such functionality have ever made their way into the public domain? Or is attempting such complexity a bit of non-starter when using OLEDB and/or strongly-typed TableAdapters in the first place?

    Any advice gratefully received!



    Thursday, November 1, 2007 12:00 PM