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Is valid domain name and email address and password required for MDM RRS feed

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  • Currently we are in the initial phase of MDM server development, we haven't hosted the web server in the domain. So I don't have the setup for actual web server URL specified in the MDM protocol document ex:

    But I have my web server running on IIS in my development PC which can be accessed by using IP address as below:


    Development PC and Phone 8 are connected to the same network. I can access the my web server using my own Phone 8 application but NOT from Company Apps.


    string uri = " "

    request = HttpWebRequest.Create(new Uri(uri)) as HttpWebRequest;


    Windows Phone 8 Settings->Company Apps-> Add Account  pops the options to enter user name, domain and server if the email id and password entered is invalid.

    I would like to know what to specify in the below fields to connect the web server using server address?

    1. Is valid email address and password required?

    2. Is valid user name required?

    3. Is valid domain name required?

    4. what do I need to enter in server, is it only the IP address or the full address for the server?

    I am having issue with connecting to web server only with correct server and others are dummy values.

    Thursday, September 26, 2013 9:28 AM