Issue with NuGet Package restore in ASPNET5


  • HI 

    I have my own NuGet Package for MVC6 which is placed in %userprofile%\.dnx folder. I have added that NuGet entry in Project. JSON file. But the package did not get restore under the following situation.

    From Visual Studio Tools->NuGet Package Manager->Package Manager Settings->Package Sources if any of the avialble package sources is checked (even the package restore of my NuGet package get failed.

    If all the available sources are disabled(unchecked), package get restored properly.

    Please any one help me on this 



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  • Can you delete the packages folder and rebuild again.

    By the way you can post this to too.

    Somehow MVC6 I believe if they have will also be only CTP version.



    Saturday, December 12, 2015 7:25 AM
  • Hi Hasinigopal,

    This forum is discussing about the C# development, as your issue is more related to the VS general issues, we help you move it to the Visual Studio General Questions forum.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    Albert Zhang

    Monday, December 14, 2015 1:40 AM
  • Hi,

    There is no packages folder in MVC6


    Tuesday, December 15, 2015 4:40 PM
  • Hi Hasinigopal.

    >>I have my own NuGet Package for MVC6 which is placed in %userprofile%\.dnx folder

    Is this NuGet Package in local or in other server? If it is not comes from , please click the Add button to add the address of your NuGet Package as below image shows.

    In addition, please make sure you have checked "Allow NuGet to download missing packages" and "Automatically check for missing packages during build in Visual Studio" options.

    Best Regards,

    Thursday, December 17, 2015 6:27 AM