OpenGL ES 2.0 SDK?


  • I would like to get started developing OpenGL ES 2.0 applications for Windows Mobile (version 5 or later, any version would do, really). What I am wondering, however, is if the OpenGL ES 2.0 headers and libraries are part of any of the Windows Mobile SDKs? I'd simply install the SDKs and check, but I don't have a Visual Studio license and it is my understanding that VS is a required prerequisite of the SDKs.

    If the SDKs doesn't have the OpenGL ES 2.0 headers and libraries, where can I get those? Is there a separate 3rd party SDK available? Previously, when I have developed OpenGL ES 1.0 applications, I have used the headers and libraries provided by the Vincent3D open source project in order to compile my applications, bur for 2.0 applications, I have found no such solution.

    I have searched some phone manufacturers developer pages, Qualcomm's developer pages, nVidia's developer pages, etc. for an SDK without any luck, however. I know there are OpenGL ES 2.0 applications out there so I guess there are SDKs available, I just need help finding them.
    Wednesday, January 13, 2010 2:38 PM


  • OpenGL isn't a Windows supported API, which is a bit surprising given that Microsoft was one of the earlier members of the OpenGL Architecture Review Board (Microsoft withdrew around the year 2003). So OpenGL is not part of the Windows Mobile SDK. Additionally OpenGL may not be supported on every Windows Mobile device. For devices on which it is supported there may be different levels of support (ex: the Samsung Omnia II supports OpenGL 2.0 but doesn't support 1.x). You may want to make you application so that it can fall back on the Vincent 3D implementation when it is run on a device that has no native OpenGL support.  You can usually tell whether or not a system has OpenGL support by looking for libgles_*.dll in the windows directory.

    If you are looking for a copy of the headers to use with OpenGL development then you can get them from the website at
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    Wednesday, January 13, 2010 3:47 PM