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    Microsoft Authority,

          As our application is going to be closed in few months and for testing purpose

    we decided to continue running dts packages in SQL server 2005. As part  of upgrade we are migrating all others( Databases, OLAP and Reporting Services).  We have created SSAS 2005 cubes which we want to process using Analysis Services 2000 Processing Task in DTS. Is this possible? If not possible, Our organization need a confirmation from a Microsoft manual that it cannot.  

    The link about backward compatibility  describes about using SQL 2005 datasources in DTS and editing Analysis Services Processing Task with SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services installed. However it does not mention anything about support for processing SSAS 2005 cubes with the help of Analysis Services 2000 Processing task. Would you  please provide a link which gives a description about this.

    Many Thanks in advance for assistance..

    Subhash Subramanyam

    Friday, April 13, 2007 5:10 AM


  • Technically what you are talking about is "Forward Compatibility" - being able to access features of newer products (AS2005) from an older one (DTS), not Backward compatibility.


    This cannot be done. I know this will not work because the underlying management protocols are completely different, but I can't think of anywhere that you would find this documented. The documentation for the AS 2000 processing task was written before AS 2005 existed, so it will not be there and if you have AS 2005, the assumption would be that you were using SSIS.


    The only things I think you could do is to either

    1. use the ASCMD sample application that was released as a sample with the SP1 release to execute an XMLA command to initiate the cube processing. This would simply require you to add an execute process task to your DTS package in place of the AS 2000 Processing task.
    2. If you are using SQL Agent with SQL Server 2005, it has a job step type of "Analysis Services Command" which you could use to send the process xmla command after running the DTS packages.
    Friday, April 13, 2007 5:40 AM