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  • Dear all,
    i stucked in a problem and the problem is "Sys.Net.WebServiceFailedException: The server method insert return invalid data. The 'd' property is missing from the JSON wrapper"
    I got this message when i am adding the data in database using client side dataservices.

    Below code  work for data fetch proper  i just want to insert a simple recode with 
    " var obank = { "strCode": "MAM", "strBank": strDescription }
                ds.insert(obank, "tblBank", fillQuery, cbFails);"
    then it gives the above error.

    i just did what ever i got in video
    which is as follows 
    Please help me out thanks in advance.

     var ds;
        function pageLoad() {

            ds = new Sys.Data.DataService("./SDMHVDataservice.svc");


        function fillQuery() {
            ds.query("tblBank", cbSuccess, cbFails);

        function cbSuccess(result, context, operation) {
            var strResult;
            strResult = '<tr><td>Code</td><td>Description </td></tr>';
            for (var intI in result) {
                strResult = strResult + '<tr><td>' + result[intI].strCode + '</td><td>' + result[intI].strBank + '</td></tr>';

            return false;
        function cbFails(error, context, operation) {

    Rajat Jaiswal
    Friday, December 12, 2008 6:41 AM