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  • I have an 80 GB disk space on my drive. i'm using a Lenovo laptop btw. and this laptop has 3 users using it. Anyway, after installing all the things that i wanted, over a period of around 2 years, i eventually end up with a free disk space of around 6GB , though i still had many things i wanted to install. so i was cool with it cos i thought that 6GB is no big deal. then i decided to try MMORPG games since i still have some space left. and MMORPG games require alot of space by the way. after installing some, i got a notification from windows saying that i'm low on disk space. so i uninstalled all the things i do not want, restarted the laptop, and end up to ard 8 GB. i was shocked that i only recovered 2GB. but still, i went on installing the games that i want to play, ending up with 3GB disk space left. i installed games, and uninstalled it, until i find an interesting game that i'm satisfied with because of my low disk space.

    But, here lies my problem:
    i keep getting notifications that tells me that my disk space is low, so i did some disk cleanup and gained around 2GB. after some time, (i continued my mundane routine of playing flash games, MMORPG games all those stuffs) i received that notification again telling me i was low on disk space. so i did the disc cleanup ALOT of times, BUT, for no apparent reason, many of the space that i gained was missing! For example, after all those procedures of clearing up my disk space(e.g uninstalling stuffs that i dont use anymore, and countless disk cleanups) the same problem keep persisting. after i gain some space, i'll lose it again in a matter of minutes! i didnt install anything, i didnt do any thing that takes up major disk space.

    So, i want to know, where's all the missing disk spaces gone to ? why does my disk space keeps getting lost even though i've gained it back before? and i dont have any much applications that uses up alot of disk space. i only have a few files that uses alot of disk space, but it shouldnt take up 10GB! where the ____ did my (after estimation) 50-60GB went? i only play 2 MMORPG games whick takes up less than 5GB. i dont know what occupies my disk space that much, and i dont know why i keep losing disk space every few minutes (for e.g, i have 2.23GB now, then when i play internet games, i have a notification from windows saying i was low on disk space and when i checked, i'm left with less than 1GB!) i just want to know whats happening, what's wrong. Someone please, please help me. Thanks.
    Saturday, December 11, 2010 1:53 PM

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  • Hi

    Seems disk space you looking for is used by System restore on your system
    you can check that in route drive (c:\systemvolumeinformation\_restore(CEDHD898665..no may vary), this systemvolumeinformation folder is hidden ...once you open the folder for _restore 
    you will find the folder's starting RP233 (with different nos, we can delete older one) or 
    you can stop and start the system restore service, also we can try disabling the hibernate to have more space on the drive ....

    i hope it helps....

    • Proposed as answer by lifesaver007 Tuesday, December 21, 2010 5:15 PM
    Tuesday, December 21, 2010 5:02 PM