What is the best practice for Deployment of Reuseable Sharepoint 2010 Declarative workflow associated to content type and custom workflow action RRS feed

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  • How to move Sharepoint 2010 Resuable Declarative workflow associated to content type and custom action from Development environment to the Test and production environment?

    I have created a Reusuable Declarative workflow using SharePoint designer 2010. I have also created a custom workflow action using visual studio 2010 and have associated the custom action to the declarative workflow by giving assembly reference and using the custom action in the workflow for site collection provisioning. I have used globally deploy option provided in the SharePoint Designer 2010.

    In the POC environment:
    I had completed all the implementation as mentioned above.

    In the Development environment:
    I was able to deploy the workflow custom action (wsp) in the development enviornment and had added the declarative workflow template in the asset library of the site collection where it was required but when i opened the declarative workflow in the SharePoint Designer 2010 then i was able to edit the workflow and add custom action to it but i was not able to associate any content type to it. After investigation, I found out that the declarative workflow are tightly coupled to content type or list with their GUID.

    Now i have to move the implemenation (solution) to the Test environment where developer tools will not be present.

    My Implementation has following things:
    Reusable Declarative workflow (Saved as template from SharePoint 2010 Designer)
    Custom workflow action (WSP)

    What would be best practice for the deployment?

    I have one solution of importing the declarative workflow to the visual studio 2010 and complete the missing references, packaging the infopath forms and setting the content type id etc.. In this way we can create one WSP for the whole deployment.



    Amalaraja S.A. Fernando Tech Lead. Mphasis Limited.
    Friday, February 11, 2011 5:29 PM


  • Sharepoint Designer workflow can be ported to other environments like Test and Production by saving the site as "Site Template" including the option include content. All contents along with the worflow will be present in the site template.

    Note: Sharepoint Designer workflows are tightly coupled to the content type therefore changing the content type of the Sharepoint Designer Workflow will not be so straight forward.

    The best Solution would be to Import the Sharepoint designer workflow into the visual studio 2010 and complete the missing references.
    Associate the content type to the workflow and create the Task host form for hosting the infopath task form.


    Amalaraja S.A. Fernando Tech Lead. Mphasis Limited.
    Thursday, March 3, 2011 7:06 PM