DataFactoryClient.Pipelines no longer returning all pipelines (code has been working for months until two days ago). RRS feed

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  • I have code that has been running for months that is no longer working correctly. The Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataFactories Nuget package is version 4.13.0.

    foreach (var runDataFactoryProcess in runDataFactoryProcessList)
                        var pipelineName = runDataFactoryProcess.PipelineName;
                        var pipelines = await dataFactoryClient.Pipelines.ListAsync(dataPlatformResourceGroupName, dataFactoryName); 
                        var pipeline = pipelines.Pipelines.Where(p => p.Name.Equals(pipelineName)).FirstOrDefault();

    The pipelineName (cmdb_ci_db_postgresql_instance-CopyPipeline) is not in the list returned to the pipelines variable. If I go into the Azure Portal, I can see the pipeline in Author and Deploy and Monitor & Manage.

    What has changed?

    Thursday, January 25, 2018 2:45 PM