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    One of the new features in the Microsoft adCenter Fall Upgrade is that the EditorialStatus element of the Ad and Keyword data objects now gets populated with the specific object's editorial status. Previously those elements were not used.
    The EditorialStatus element is read-only, and its value is assigned by adCenter based on the result of the editorial review of the ad or keyword.
    Please note that submitting a non-null value for that element when updating ads or keywords will result in an API error <Code>1532</Code><Message>Setting Editorial Status is not allowed.</Message>. If you are getting the object and then re-submitting it with all properties as received from adCenter API, the value of the EditorialStatus would now be non-null, and the API call will result in an error. To avoid that, please make sure that you only pass the properties that you would like to change when you update an object.

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    Friday, October 31, 2008 8:12 PM