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  • Hello, I was trying to create an automation for wake up my server, I do a lot of things, but now I'm out of ideas.

    I'm using the Start/Stop VMs during off-hours, and all is ok.

    I reach the "Param config" and I add a datetime, click on accept, and create resource, but then, the next annoying text pops up:

    Se han producido errores de validación:

    El recurso 'ScheduledStartStop_Parent' ya existe en la ubicación 'australiacentral' del grupo de recursos 'AZURE_Ass_Kir'. No se puede crear un recurso con el mismo nombre en la ubicación 'francecentral'. Seleccione un nuevo nombre para el recurso. (Código: InvalidResourceLocation)


    There are validation errors:

    The resource 'ScheduledStartStop_Parent' already exists in the ubication 'australiacentral' of the resource group 'AZURE_Kir'. Can´t create a resource with the same name in the ubication 'francecentral'. Select a new name to the resource. (Code: InvalidResourceLocation)

    I deleted all the resources (This one from australiacentral was created yesterday during some tests) and now in the "All resources" it doesn´t show. But in my personal pane, the resource was already linked. I deleted the pane. And the same result...

    Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

    Thursday, August 22, 2019 3:29 PM

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  • The mentioned error is prompted if runbook "ScheduledStartStop_Parent" already exists in the  existing resource group you are deploying the new resource. You can't have two "Start/Stop VMs during off-hours" solution in same resource group. You can use Powershell commands to retrieve the list of runbooks from the resource group.

    Get-AzAutomationRunbook -AutomationAccountName "automation" -ResourceGroupName "AZURE_Kir"

    Verify if the solution exists are not using below  command.

    Get-AzResource -ResourceGroupName RGname -ResourceType microsoft.operationsmanagement/solutions

    If yes, remove the solution and then remove the runbooks.

    Remove-AzResource -ResourceGroupName RGName-ResourceType microsoft.operationsmanagement/solutions
    Remove-AzAutomationRunbook -AutomationAccountName "automation" -ResourceGroupName "RGname" -RunbookName "runbookname"

    After performing the steps, retry to create the Start/Stop VMs during off-hours solution. You can also try creating the solution in new resource group.

    Hope this helps!

    Wednesday, August 28, 2019 9:42 AM