SQL Design View causes issues in editor window


  • Once I create a few Table files and enter Design view then open a couple of tabs then the tabs won't update (meaning it won't show the asterisk if I've edited a file, and it won't change color to show the active tab), and when I type in the editor window what I type doesn't appear, I have to run the cursor back over the area using the arrow keys and then what I typed will appear as the cursor moves over it.

    As long as I don't open a Design view file then everything works fine. I can have many many tabs open and I won't run into these issues.

    I'm running Visual Studio 2015 on the most recent 15" rMBP in a bootcamp Windows 10.

    Maybe my googling isn't very good right now but I can't find where other people have run into this.

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016 8:32 PM


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