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    We are creating a sample project to deomnstrat web architecture, the following are the requirments of the project, Can you please let me know a good architecture for this and the .Net technology to be used for each component and also please let me knwo the what sort of securty infrstructure you would use. Please let me know any assumption you make.
    Note, the core banking system is legacy.
    Tx in advance

    CoBank Ltd is a local based commercial bank that is into both corporate and retail customer products and services.  The bank has operated for over 20 years with more than 50 branches across the country.  CoBank is considered as one of the most technologically superior customer centric organizations in the country.

    Cobank had implemented the core banking solution during the initial years and currently, connected to all its branches in an on-line manner.  The bank had also implemented a 100 ATM (Automated Teller Machines) network to extend the reach to its retail customers.  The customers are also given the facility to use credit and debit cards endorsed through MASTER and VISA international payment networks.

    The management of CoBank has strategised to implement an Internet banking solution with the objective of enhancing the customer access to the bank’s services.  The key functionalities expected out of the proposed Internet Banking system are as follows.

    1.       The solution should accommodate the needs of both corporate and retail customers.  Corporate customer access to the system must be more secure and the transactions should be approved through role based workflows.

    2.       The types of core transactions that should be accommodated by this system are balance inquiry / account summary, fund transfer and utility bill payments.  The solution should also facilitate the request management functionality that would enhance the customer interaction with bank staff.

    3.       Industry accepted security standards should be implemented across all aspects of the solution.

    4.       The system should interface with the core banking system using a well-defined protocol.  The core banking system should be a minimal implementation to maintain customer accounts.  The Internet banking system should interface with the core banking system through a simple protocol.  The Core banking system should be implemented using SOA concepts.


    Monday, August 17, 2009 5:52 AM

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