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  • Once weekly my computer is locked up by an unidentified program. I have attempted ID using Task Manager (all segments), complete scans with McAfee (which is disabled by whatever it is), Malwarebytes, Gibson Utilities and ParetoLogic. I have disabled software in a logical sequence with no effect.It behaves as if it were a complete Backup but there are none running. Useage stats indicate sporadic max of memory which coincides with the shutting down of the Anti-Virus. This occurs only on my Desktop (W7 Premium 64bit 3.2 gigahertz Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, 4 Gigabytes memory and 2 1 tb hard drives.) My laptop is not affected and it has most of the programs in common. Exceptions have all been checked and do not appear to be running. If you can help I can furnish a Belarc Advisor print out of all devices, software and system data. Incidently - this entirely captures the functions of the computer. Can only access functions by clicking and waiting for various periods of time. Once I get on the Internet I seem to be able to navigate almost normally with an occasional IE shut down - no common denominator to them

    Isn't there software that could identify the "non-system" software running at any time?

    No sad stories - I'm 100% disabled and the computer is how I function. Your help / advice will be really appreciated.

    Friday, April 1, 2011 6:02 PM