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    We've changing our system from LINQ2SQL to EF4.1 and there're some issues i'd like to clear up before moving on.

    We have a model first db generated by EF4.1. During runtime, users may create "projects" which will create a new db using the EF model. Then, we update the static connectionstring to the new created database.

    That works fine using Linq2Sql. But when we did that on EF4.1, raised an UnintentionalCodeFirstException. 

    I've been doing some study and it seems that since we did not go code first, if I just comment the exception code will work just fine. But I thought I'd get some help instead of just going empiric testing on this hehe.


    Well, if I remove UnintentionalCodeFirstException from my .tt file to not generate it, will I have problems in the future?



    Friday, December 23, 2011 1:49 PM


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