Enable DV and Disable DV failed while running WHCK test RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    When I run the driver reliability WHCK test jobs on Win 8, the "Enable DV" and "Disable DV" failed randomly. I have checked WHCK version and all test job's parameter. I couldn't find any reason yet. The below is a part of WHCK log file about "Enable DV"

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    <Enable DV failed in the "Device Install Check For Other Stability (Certification)">

    WTTDiag object is instantiated   
    Start: wttcmd Test, TUID= 
    Arguments are (4 Args):   
    Arg[0]: wttcmd.exe   
    Arg[1]: /EAReboot   
    Arg[2]: /restart   
    Arg[3]: /TaskWillReboot   
    WTTCmdEaReboot : Call EaReboot with fRestart = 1 , fTaskWillReboot 1,dwTimeout = 60    
    WTTProtocolTCPIP::ClientOpen : Trying Identifier [::1]    TEST_MACHINE->localhost:

    Error: 0x8204aab0, Error 0x8204aab0   EaReboot Returned Error <ERROR Failure="" Cause="Sending Message to Localhost WTTSVc Failed"
     Hresult="0x8204aab0" File="sdktools\wtt\jobs\runtime\wttsdk\src\wttsdk.cpp" Line="2695" Function="EaReboot"
     Machine="TEST_MACHINE">   <ERROR Failure="Unable to send message" Cause="" Hresult="0x8204aab0"
     File="sdktools\wtt\jobs\wttmessaging\unmanaged\src\wttmessage.cpp" Line="789" Function="WTTMessage::Send"
     Machine="TEST_MACHINE"/></ERROR>     File=sdktools\wtt\jobs\utils\wttcmd\wttcmd.cpp Line=3075   

    Error: 0x8204aab0, Error 0x8204aab0   (Error hr: 8204AAB0 (-2113623376) from call: WTTCmdEaReboot( argc, argv ) )  
     File=sdktools\wtt\jobs\utils\wttcmd\wttcmd.cpp Line=1979   

    Error: 0x8204aab0, Error 0x8204aab0   ExecuteCommand()::Failed to Execute the command::CAUSE:(null)   
     File=sdktools\wtt\jobs\utils\wttcmd\wttcmd.cpp Line=2132   

    Error: 0x8204aab0, Error 0x8204aab0   WTTCmdEaReboot()::Failed to perform EA Reboot::CAUSE:EAReboot() API Failed   
     File=sdktools\wtt\jobs\utils\wttcmd\wttcmd.cpp Line=3082   

    WttCmd failed to execute the command. Error code: 0x8204aab0   
    Diag object being destroyed   
    End: Fail, wttcmd Test, TUID=, Repro=This is the Only Test in WTTcmd   
    Summary: Total=1, Passed=0, Failed=1, Blocked=0, Warned=0, Skipped=0 

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