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    As mentioned by Juval Lowy, regarding [DeliveryRequirement],

    "Enforcing the constraint is done at service load time. If an endpoint has a binding that does not support reliability, supports reliability but has it disabled, or has reliability enabled but ordered delivery disabled, loading the service will fail with an InvalidOperationException."

    This statement doesn't seem to be right - I hosted a service with NetTcpBinding and disabled reliable session, added the [DeliveryRequirements(RequireOrderedDelivery = true)] on Service which implements the contract. The service is up and running! Am I missing anything here?

    Also, I added [DeliveryRequirements(RequireOrderedDelivery = true)] on Service : IService and [DeliveryRequirements(RequireOrderedDelivery = false)] on IService which is implemented by Service. The service is up and running. Will the messages be delivered in ordered here? What is the preference and how does it evaluate?


    Saturday, November 1, 2014 10:40 AM


  • Hi Deepak K Agarwal,

    I see that you are using the NetTcpBinding, then if I do not misunderstand it, it seems that only the named pipe binding satisfies the ordered delivery constraint that is specified in the service implementation by using the DeliveryRequirement attribute.

    For more information, please try to refer to the following information which comes from this article:

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    Amy Peng

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    Tuesday, November 4, 2014 5:32 AM