Report Header visible but not printing (from where published in MOSS) RRS feed

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  • Hi -- curious if you could help me with an issue i'm having on an SSRS report that's been published to the web (we use MOSS integration) -- when i run the report it looks as expected in HTML format on the screen -- however, when i choose "Print" from the Actions menu, the header is blank.  If i choose to export it to PDF or TIFF (etc.), the header is visible and prints just fine.  --- In BIDS, i'm able to print from the preview tab without any issues....  Do you have any suggestions?

    Also, my report is using a header but the body is split into 2 columns....  I've found that whenever i use more than a single column in my page layout, BIDS seems to have lots of "issues".  Often objects in my header -- which span the entire width of the page, mind you -- mysteriously end up decreasing in size to only the size of a single column.  Items that are situated in the header which have a start and end location beyond the width of the first column will often be decreased in size to a negative setting so that they disappear from sight & i receive error messages upon trying to preview.  If you have any suggestions regarding using columns in reports, i'd appreciate it!  This has been very frustrating for me.

    Finally:  regarding referencing "hidden" cells within a table as "report items" within the header, i've found these "report items" fields to work fine in the HTML viewing of the report -- however, when i export to PDF, they come through blank.  I don't know if there is a difference between using Report Manager & MOSS integration instead -- it seems we've discovered many little "limitations" such as this where the published report will not act the same as it does in BIDS -- where cababilities to "export" or "print" are compromised....  Just curious if you have any comments or insight into that.

    Thanks much!! 

    Thursday, January 8, 2009 5:53 PM